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     Hot Off...

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     We are very pleased to announce Miss Dee's newest book…     

       Me, Myself & Intuition:  Managing Your Psychic Gift                                                 

     "If you or your child has had all the tests for ADD, ADHD, depression, etc., and the test results are negative, yet you or your child is still nervous, anxious, frightened, and/or withdrawn, sink your teeth into the pages of this book because you or your child just may have the psychic gift. After you or your child reads this book, the uncomfortable emotions created from being psychic will turn into happiness, playfulness, and peace.

     You and/or your child will have a better understanding of what being psychic or having the psychic gift truly means, who those "other" feathery and/or mysterious-looking people are, and to whom those "other" voices belong. More importantly, you and/or your child will have the tools to manage them." An excerpt from the back cover of the book, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift, by Miss Dee.

     If you suspect you and/or your child or someone you know has the psychic gift and are having trouble managing it or are interested in reading more about having the psychic gift, we invite you to visit the Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) page.