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Zodiacal Potpourri

  by Miss Dee


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     Back by popular demand is my sun-sign preferred gift list, a.k.a. the "Holiday Gift List." Enjoy yourself this holiday season and, "Have yourself a merry little Christmas!" Miss Dee.

Aries: enjoy aloe plants, chocolate covered and roasted nuts, gladiolus flowers, hats, grilling accessories, and diamonds.

Taurus: love almonds, chocolate covered mints, copper items, daffodil flowers, herb plants, organizers, and emeralds.

Gemini: appreciate audio books, baby's breath flowers, cashews, games, traveling accessories, mints, and black onyx.

Cancer: adore almonds, cutlery, mini-rose bushes, music, raspberry sticks, tulips, and pearls.

Leo: love autobiographies, cheese, marigold flowers, marmalade, massages, orange sticks, and rubies.

Virgo: cherish baskets, gardening accessories, herb plants, mini-rose plants, organizers, scented bath soaps or oils, and sapphires.

Libra: adore daisies, dates, figs, music, stationery sets, strawberry-filled chocolates, and opals.

Scorpio: appreciate candles, chocolate, massages, metaphysical books, pansy flowers, scented bath oils or soaps, and topaz.

Sagittarius: love all types of nuts, carrying cases, jackets, marmalade, sports clothes, wild flowers, and turquoise.

Capricorn: cherish berries, cheese, figurines, iris flowers, organizers, robust soups, and garnets.

Aquarius: appreciate bachelor button flowers, books, cheese, oranges, peanut butter, wild roses, and black pearls.

Pisces: love any of the spring flowers, massages, pedicures, wind chimes, writing accessories, and bloodstones.  


      Additional information about each of the sun signs, their health issues, the moon's influence, the Mercury Retrograde cycle, the gifts each sun sign prefers to receive, complementary sun sign costumes, compatible sun signs, and the beneficial foods, herbs and vitamins for each sun sign may be found in the books, The Best of Miss Dee, and Health, Astrology and Spirituality, both by Miss Dee. Please see the Books page.  

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