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Zodiacal Potpourri

by Miss Dee


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 Things That Go Bump in the Night  

      As you may know, the movement of the sun as well as the other planets through the zodiac or the sky is called a transit. The moon moves or transits through a zodiacal sign every 2 1/2 days. The sun moves or transits through a zodiacal sign every 30 days. And all of the other planets transit through the zodiac at different rates of speed. It is the transits of the sun and moon through the different signs that make us temporarily irritable, want to rework the budget, get and stay organized or take up a new hobby.

     Last month, starting September 24th, the sun began to move through or transit the sign of Libra.It remains in Libra until October 23rd. The Libran influence is the light and airy energy we feel as we stroll through the falling leaves, write a long over-due letter, and treat ourselves to a day of wardrobe shopping. And it is the Libran energy that creates the desire to host a Halloween costume party because Librans love to socialize.

     The closer the days come to the end of October, the more Scorpio energy we experience. The sun's movement through Scorpio is from October 24th through November 22nd. The Scorpio energy we experience can be thanked for all of the mystery that accompanies Halloween or All Hallow's Eve. And we can also thank the Scorpio energy for spicing this holiday with spooks and ghouls and "things that go bump in the night."

Aries costumes: athlete, blacksmith, chimney sweep, civil war surgeon, fire-eater, fire extinguisher, fire-fighter, military officer, Olympian nobleman, scarecrow, smoke stack, surgeon, tennis pro, tennis racket or a volleyball.

Taurus costumes: belly dancer, bookkeeper, bundle of wheat, cherub, copper ware maker, farmer, hillbilly, IRS auditor, jazz musician, "Old McDonald," opera singer, rancher or a realtor.

Gemini costumes: advertising agent, airline pilot, bicycle, dictionary, disk jockey, gorilla, jitterbug dancer, "Keystone Cop," Master of Ceremonies, microphone, science professor, sports broadcaster, teacher or a cell phone.

Cancer costumes: bagpipe player, baker, candy maker, chef, coal miner, fisherman, gardener, hermit, librarian, maid/butler, nanny, nurse, bowler, seahorse or the Statue of Liberty.

Leo costumes: aerobics instructor, archbishop, athlete, athletics coach, Cleopatra, dance instructor, designer, gladiator, King Arthur, knight/lady, lion tamer, Mark Anthony, professor, Shakespeare, shooting star or a tennis pro.

Virgo costumes: accountant, chef, driver, Florence Nightingale, gardener, Mother Nature, nurse/doctor, paramedic, pharmacist, Red Riding Hood, sacrificial virgin, salesperson, seamstress/tailor or shoemaker.

Libra costumes: Aphrodite, art gallery guide, ballerina, ballroom dancer, Christmas angel, diplomat, executive secretary, flower, flute, harpist, knight/lady, musician, mythological character, Raggedy Ann/Andy, U.S. Embassy diplomat or a wine steward.

Scorpio costumes: Archangel, candy bar, devil, fairy princess, gladiator, Lady Godiva, miner, Olympian swimmer, pirate, plumber, private investigator, shark, undertaker or a witch/wizard.

Sagittarius costumes: aerobics instructor, athlete, candy cane, coach, friar/nun, Henry VIII/Queen Anne, hunter, judge, knight/lady, lion tamer, lumber jack, marathon runner, monk, Pallas-Athene/Hercules, pine cone, pirate, professor or a Supreme Court judge.

Capricorn costumes: Chiropractor, choir director, clock maker, Father Time, grandfather clock, miner, physician, priest/nun, Robin Hood/Maid Marion, Santa Claus, stone carver, taxidermist or a weather barometer.

Aquarius costumes: absent-minded college professor, basketball player, bolt of lightning, cartoon character, electronics technician, hearse driver, inventor, light bulb, magician or a scientist.

Pisces costumes: actor/actress, angel, Apostle, artist, Disciple, Ernest Hemingway, executioner, fairy princess, nun/priest, Peter Pan, pirate, rainbow, rain drop, tap dancer, wind chime, witch/wizard, wood nymph or a writer.


     Additional information about each of the sun sign's health issues, the moon's influence, the Mercury Retrograde cycle, the gifts each sun sign preferrs to receive, complementary sun sign costumes, compatible sun signs, and the beneficial foods, herbs and vitamins for each sun sign may be found in the books, The Best of Miss Dee, and Health, Astrology, and Spirituality, both by Miss Dee. Please see the Books page.