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Zodiacal Potpourri

by Miss Dee


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    Gratitude, the Nourishment of Abundance

     In October, our attention was focused on the beauty of the ever-changing colorful leaves, the cooler and sometimes frosty morning air, carving pumpkins, and tying cornstalks together. It was focused on the last harvest, garden and garden tool clean up, what tree the ghosts would float from, and whether or not the leaves should be raked and then bagged.

     Now it is November and our focus is on stacking firewood, ice skating, and skiing. It wanders back and forth to snowman making, remembered aromas of turkey and sweet potatoes baking in the oven, family gatherings, and, of course, the holidays.

     A special note is needed here. You will want to start and/or finish your gift buying before Mercury goes Retrograde, December 3rd or after Mercury turns Direct, December 22nd this year. A Mercury Retrograde cycle creates indecisiveness, which can lead to buying the wrong size or color, wrapping the wrong gift, buying double, and/or forgetting someone on your list.

     Setting aside the subject of shopping, let us get back to the subject of gratitude. It has been said many times, and it is true, gratitude makes things grow. The more you look around at all you have to be thankful for, the more you discover. So take a moment now, before the rush of the holidays begins, and give thanks for your many blessings including your very special attributes. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Miss Dee

Give Thanks for...

Arians, your enthusiasm, energy, and creativity.

Taureans, your soul resources, cheerfulness, and good nature.

Geminians, your dexterity, sense of humor, and intellect.

Cancerians, your home, sensitivity to others, and loving nature.

Leonines, your creativity, warmth, and leadership abilities.

Virgoans, your honor, good health, and ability to see detail.

Librans, your appreciation of beauty, graciousness, and approachable nature.

Scorpios, your gift of intuition, spiritual knowledge, and ability to make changes.

Sagittarians, your loyalty to your dreams, seemingly endless flow of energy, and jovial nature.

Capricornians, your personal accomplishments, perseverance, and your family.

Aquarians, your humanitarian nature, ability to detach yourself, and visions for a better world.

Pisceans, your gift of faith, sensitivity to others, and loving nature.

     Additional information on health issues of each sun sign, preferred gifts, beneficial foods, herbs and vitamins for each sun sign, characteristics, complementary sun sign costumes, the moon's influence, the Mercury Retrograde cycle, compatible sun signs, and much, much more may be found in the books, The Best of Miss Dee, and Health, Astrology, and Spirituality, both by Miss Dee. Please see the Books page.