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                   Meet Miss Dee 


     Miss Dee is a Metaphysician, Spiritual Mentor, Mentor to Psychic Kids (and adults, too!), certified Esoteric Astrologer, certified Esoteric Instructor, popular lecturer, and the author of five books.  The titles of her books are Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift, The Best of Miss Dee,  From Fire To Flight,  Health, Astrology, and Spirituality, and The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose.

     Miss Dee has two fortes or specialties.  They are mentoring psychic kids (and adults, too!) and interpreting a person's yod or astrological aspect pointing to a special life purpose.  

    Mentoring psychic kids is a passion and also very important to Miss Dee because of her own childhood psychic experiences.  Recognizing her intuitive gift at the tender age of six or seven and often being terrified at what she saw or felt, Miss Dee had no mentor until she was 28 years old.  "Until then," says Miss Dee, "there were times I thought I was going crazy!  I was fearful and didn't know why, I would feel emotions that obviously weren't mine and I didn't understand why I was feeling them, I didn't understand what I was seeing, and I was often depressed."  Knowing the agony, confusion, and fear of being psychic, not knowing what to do with the gift, how to handle it or how to turn it off are some of the reasons why Miss Dee mentors psychic kids (and adults, too!) and wrote the book, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift.  Psychic Kids (& adults, too!)  

     Her second forte, the interpretation of the astrological aspect, the yod.  The yod?  "It's also called the Finger of God, the Finger of Fate or a Destiny Mission," says Miss Dee.  "It's a unique configuration in the natal or birth chart which points to a person's special life purpose, the dream waiting to be realized or a unique goal chosen for accomplishment in this life experience.  The yod creates a strong inner desire, a driving force to accomplish something special."  It is the recognition and the understanding of this special life purpose that her book, The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose, is all about.  

     "The subject of a person's life purpose is as important now as it has always been," says Miss Dee.  "Books continue to be written about it and people continue to ask, 'What is my life purpose?' Through my book, The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose, the reader is assisted in finding his/her answer."

     Being the gifted intuitive and caring soul that she is, Miss Dee next wrote the book, Health, Astrology, and Spirituality.  "It was a purpose-driven achievement as well," says Miss Dee.  "It correlates the different areas of the body with potential illnesses, issues, and conflicts and then imparts the understanding of what each illness is and what is to be learned from it."  Miss Dee continues, "We are all here on earth to learn our unique lessons in order to fulfill our chosen goal: self-evolution.  And yes, it helps the reader understand the why's of illness."   

     Her third book,  From Fire To Flight, was written after two major upheavals in Miss Dee's life:  the loss of both of her parents.  Several years after these heartbreaking changes as well as a few more modifications to her life, Miss Dee discovered the art of making life changes the easy way and has shared them with her readers.  

     With over 600 articles to her name, Miss Dee spent several wintry months gathering her favorite astrological pieces and later combining them into a beautiful, educational, heart-warming collection titled, The Best of Miss Dee.  Included in this wonderful potpourri blend of her works are, "Our Sun's Playmates, the Planets,"  "Peach Cobbler,"  "Whew-ee, It's Spring,"  "The Ritual of All Hallow's Eve," "Winter Hodge Podge," "The November Hunt," and "Ho, Ho, Ho, Christmas...Humbug!"

      She is also the creator of the astrological postcards, "Greetings From..."  This collection included 96 lighthearted, fun to send (and receive) time-saving postcards created for use by both the astrologer and the astrology student.  "Greetings From..." is no longer available.

     Miss Dee has also written mini-features for eight yearly calendars and 24 monthly astrological Internet pieces for other organizations.  Now she writes one weekly and three monthly internet columns.  

      A delightful and entertaining orator, Miss Dee recorded one self-empowering, soul-nourishing tape, A Touch of Something Spiritual.  She also recorded three lectures, which are ideal for home study, and correspond to her first three astrological books:  Your Special Life Purpose, the Yod, (The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose),  Oh, My Achin' Issues,  (Health, Astrology, and Spirituality), and Growing Pains,  (From Fire To Flight).   These recordings are available on the Lectures & Workshops page.

     Internationally known for her heart-warming, empowering, spiritually-nourishing, tender Mini-Readings (to-the-point answers to your spiritual or astrological questions) and natal (birth) chart interpretations as well as her "right on" transit explanations, Miss Dee is just as enchanting, enthusiastic, light-hearted, and popular in her group and private classes as she is at guest appearances and autographing parties.

     Miss Dee continues to spiritually counsel those in need via spiritual counseling sessions and spiritual or astrological Mini-Readings and/or astrological chart readings, Spiritual & Astrological Readings.  She has taught both Beginning and Intermediate astrology and continues to write books that ease the heart, feed the soul, nourish the spirit, and nurture those who truly desire a deeper understanding of the spiritual path they are on.  "Knowledge and understanding of the why's of it all," says Miss Dee, "will help a person reclaim control over his/her life journey."

     Queries are always welcome.  missdee001@centurylink.net