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Books by Miss Dee

"Self-empowerment is our choice and our right," Miss Dee



Spiritual Books

     "Being psychic is a gift!  But to many children as well as adults, it feels like a curse because of the frightening images or pictures received and/or the distractions caused by those light and feathery and/or dark and mysterious-looking people seen out of the corner of their eye...," says Miss Dee.

    Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift  

     The heart of this book is the sharing of personal information about being a psychic child and not knowing how to handle or manage her gift. The brain of this book is the wisdom shared about the Other Realm or the Spirit World and the assistance and guidance to the psychically gifted from the Chakras (spiritual energy centers) and the art of centering. The soul of this book is the techniques to shut down or temporarily pause the energy, images or distractions bombarding a psychic person---and then, if it is chosen, turning the psychic energy back on to observe, learn, and/or share. It is the use of the techniques that give the psychic child or adult the gift of empowerment and self-confidence. The techniques are the tools that enable a psychic person to manage their gift.

     This book is available for purchase on Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/Me-Myself-Intuition-Managing-Psychic/dp/099921960X/. Should you prefer an e-book, it is available on Amazon   https://www.amazon.com/Me-Myself-Intuition-Managing-Psychic-ebook/dp/B0789SJP4Y/.

Astrology Books

     Being an Astrologer or a student of Astrology in NOT a requirement needed to read Miss Dee's astrology books.  Yes they are written from an astrological point of view, but they are spiritually based and written in a way that helps explain what the reader's inner drive is craving to accomplish, what the whats and whys are concerning the experience at hand, and how to either embellish the goodness of an experience or move forward and leave the suffering behind.


The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose; published in 1982 and reprinted five times!  Unfortunately, it is now out of print but we have a few copies left.  

     "Do you have an inner drive that pushes you to accomplish something special or a feeling that you are here for some special reason?" asks Miss Dee.  "Then you probably have the yod aspect in your natal chart.  You may have more than one yod in your chart.  The yod is also known as, 'the Finger of God,'  'the Finger of Fate' or a 'Destiny Mission.'"   Miss Dee prefers to call it, 'a Special Life Purpose,' and often says, "As time goes by and our own personal awareness grows, we will feel a driving inner force, even an urgency to get about our special business."

     This special business is the yod aspect:  an astrological aspect, which creates specific energy.  The yod aspect is created by two planets in sextile, which both inconjunct at the same point. The point, the apex or the tip of the yod is the purpose."  Interpreting this aspect is Miss Dee's forte.  Spiritual & Astrological Readings.

     This small but powerful volume contains basic delineation's and is "a most fascinating conceptual astrological breakthrough.  The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose, explains the beautiful and simplified reason for each person's existence."  The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose, " will enhance your knowledge of astrology and replenish your interest."  Quote from the back cover of her book. 



Health, Astrology and Spirituality

      "There is a physical, mental and spiritual reason for every ailment.  And sharing these reasons was my design for writing this book."  Miss Dee continues, " We have all experienced the agonies of illness caused when some, one or many of our body areas are not working perfectly.  

     But what causes these breakdowns?  Just a planet?  Or something deeper, more powerful?  Are we simply stuck with health problems, bowing to the will or mood of a planet?  Or do we need to learn or release something in order to heal?"   

     Health, Astrology and Spirituality, was truly written for those who want to be healthy, to grow out of negative patterns and feel better, and for those individuals who desire to help others.  This valuable book includes each sun sign's potential health problems or growth obstacles as well as their issues, attitudes, habits, and mindsets that need to be released in order to continue to spiritually grow and enjoy good health. 

     Additional chapters include information about the body's chakras or energy centers, the glands, surgery and dreams as well as lists of supportive foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs.  "I do hope its contents help you and yours in every possible way," says Miss Dee.

     We have included a few uplifting quotes from the chapter, "What Ails You?"

     "Leo - Sun...

          POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS:  Proud, generous, kind, regal, creative, sentimental, athletic, showing leadership, following universal will... 

          THE SPIRITUAL BODY:  Accepting and giving of love, following universal will..."

     "Virgo - Mercury...

          POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS:  Honorable, discriminating, analytical, methodical, expressive of the Christ-self, powerful in mental and verbal energies... 

          THE SPIRITUAL BODY:  Combining of the lower and the higher Minds, precision..."



From Fire to Flight

     This work is about the regeneration of a new, joyful, abundant and beautiful life from an old and difficult existence.  It is about the mysterious planet Pluto who exposes our thoughts, the thoughts or fears which have sabotaged our conscious and deliberate efforts for happiness and fulfillment. This book lovingly reveals how Pluto uncovers what we are truly thinking about ourselves and our affairs.  

     A quote from the Foreword of her book reads, "We have all known the dark face of Pluto at one time or another.  Through this book I will try to share with you its loving face and its unique way of assisting all of us in achieving that better and more fulfilling, happy life we dream of having.  Everyone changes differently, yet everyone's changes come about the same way.  They come from a feeling, a blaze of words across their mind, a hunch, a remembrance, an inner voice.  This is truly the beginning of change." 

     And from her chapter, "Piece By Piece," is this section on Virgo.  "Virgo:  Rise above skeptical, nonproductive, foggy qualities.  A clear mind is open to new ideas, a better way of doing things, and is receptive to the higher mind.  As with Geminians, emotions or feelings are not so comfortable. Again, sometimes it is through the feeling nature that people receive help needed or desired.  The fear of shortages, poverty, and disease, constant anxieties of some Virgo natives, are negative thoughts which need to be conquered.  Being in touch with a higher mind will add to the abundance one already has and will put the native at ease -- the opposite of disease."

     Abundant with inspirational poems that more than illustrate the subject of Pluto's positive way of transformation, From Fire to Flight, was written specifically to help make changes in life the easy, pleasant way! 



The Best of Miss Dee                                   

     A wonderful collection of educational, light-hearted, and pleasing articles written by Miss Dee over the past two plus decades!     

     The Best of Miss Dee, contains special pieces on each of the sun signs, the planets, retrogrades, and the moon plus helpful information on the yod and other aspects.  Also included is material covering each sun sign's health issues, a listing of the helpful foods and sun sign related recipes, zodiacal gardening tips, complementary halloween costumes, comfortable careers, an enormous sun sign "preferred gift" gift list, and a few delightful astrological stories to boot!  



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