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                         Lectures, Workshops  & What Nots  

Audio Cassette tapings of a few of Miss Dee's workshops & lectures

A What Not...

      A Touch of Something Spiritual.  WOW!  One joyfully melodious tape bursting with loving affirmations, enlightening thoughts, and powerful statements about abundance, health, personal power, and self-love.  Positive reinforcement and precious truths about you are the meat of this spiritual, soul-nourishing tool.  Miss Dee does all the talking and if you have ever had her read your chart or attended any of her lectures, you know what a powerful, loving speaker she is!  

     This tape is NOT subliminal.  You can either soak in the loving truth about you or interact with it by repeating the self-honoring statements, statements such as, "I am loving" and "I am lovable." Either way you choose, this tape feels like a heavenly soothing salve for your soul.

     With statements "that just work," A Touch of Something Spiritual is a great way to saturate yourself with love and honor.  It's also a wonderful aid to help keep your consciousness raised and your spirits high.  


Workshops & lectures...

     Your Special Life Purpose, The Yod, is an endearing and very beneficial lecture based on Miss Dee's first book, The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose.  The listener is taught the aspects that comprise a Yod and is also educated in understanding and delineating special life purposes.

     If you sense you have a unique mission this lifetime and/or something extremely important to accomplish, Your Special Life Purpose, The Yod, is worth listening to.      


     Oh, My Achin' Issues, is an extremely valuable lecture which correlates its contents to Miss Dee's second book, Health, Astrology and Spirituality.  The listener is privy to each sun sign's potential health problems as well as their spiritual growth issues.  Chosen lessons, life experiences, and personal growth are often resolved through health challenges.  The chakras, the endocrine system, dreams, surgery, herbs, vitamins and minerals are also touched on.

     Oh, My Achin' Issues is truly a beneficial addition to anyone's library.      


     Growing Pains, is a delightful discussion about the planet Pluto, which is the subject matter of and corresponds to Miss Dee's third book, From Fire To Flight.  Because of the changes Pluto helps create, Pluto has been given negative publicity. 

     Growing Pains, will introduce the listener to Pluto's loving side, its hidden and softer side, and will learn how to make changes the easy way!  


    Recordings are approximately one hour in length.


     Questions?   missdee001@centurylink.net