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     Here's the info I promised you on the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

Total Solar Eclipse:  Swab the Decks

     In late July, the Sun moved into the sign of Leo---a loving, creative, and sometimes headstrong sign. If you recall that time, some of the people around you might have been exercising their "my way or the highway" muscles. Now, after some trial and error and/or temper outbursts, some of those same people have seen the light and understood or experienced that their way wasn't the best way for things to work efficiently or to work at all.

     Before the sun moved into Leo, the planet Mars was already in Leo. Mars, the aggressive warrior, was stirring up personal anger or resentments, disappointments and frustrations with the way things were going, and even dug up some sorrow to throw into the batch of Mar's "no thought, quick action" pot of war. The further Mars traveled through Leo, the hotter tempers got---straining people and their anger management practices.

     During the Total Solar Eclipse, the sun remains in Leo and will be covered by the moon, also moving through Leo. Better put, the light or energy of the sun and the headstrong willfulness of Leo will be tempered by the moon. This tempering will gift each person with a new perspective on leadership, teamwork, love, appreciation, and creating for the fun of it. This new perspective may not be fully understood for a few weeks because the planet Mercury is Retrograde in Virgo.

     During a Mercury Retrograde cycle, communication is not clear, misunderstandings are commonplace, and expressing our thoughts, ideas, and/or emotions can be challenging. Virgo likes to categorize ideas and put them into mental files---both hard to do when experiences and/or ideas are temporarily blurred. And emotions and anything dealing with them are very uncomfortable for Virgo. Emotions or emotional reactions may not be understood for quite some time.

     They weren't kidding when they said this Total Solar Eclipse is an extremely amazing event. It is! Since late July most of us have felt like the decks in our life were swabbed clean will we were going 90 miles per hour, in the dark, during a tornadoish-type of hailstorm, and then somebody suddenly applied the brakes to the Super Train we have been on! Whew!!! Watching the awesomeness of this eclipse will quiet minds and allow us to take in a deep breath of air---something many of us haven't done since Mars moved into Leo followed by the sun on its tail.

     I plan on safely watching the Total Solar Eclipse, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to watch this astounding celestial show, and listening to my "wee small voice" during the moon's covering just in case I receive a new perspective on some things.

Persied Meteor Showers: Perseus, the Slayer

     Perseus, a Greek hero, was the son of Zeus and Danae. He saved Andromeda from a sea-monster and also slew the Gorgon Medusa, one of three sisters whose head was covered with snakes instead of hair and who would turn the onlooker into stone. Each year, approximately August 6th through August 20th, the Perseid Meteor Shower is visible in the northeastern night sky and this weekend the showers will be the heaviest. Look for a large W and then watch the meteors falling from Perseus's middle section.

     As the meteors fall they crash through space disrupting the peacefulness of the stars, planets, and space just as a pebble tossed into a pond disrupts the water, plant life, and the tiny creatures living in the pond.

     Most of us will feel the meteor showers, too. For some people, the incoming meteors may feel as if something is buzzing around our ears, our skin may feel tingly, and we experience an underlying general nervousness. For those people who are sensitive to other people's emotions or moods and/or feel or sense the barometric pressure falling, the Persied Meteor Showers may feel as if someone is tapping or typing on our head and arms. Sensitive people may also hear a swoosh as the meteors pass overhead and want to duck under cover.

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     When in doubt,

   mellow out!

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