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Have you read Miss Dee's newest book? Its title is Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift

     Being psychic is a gift!  But to many children as well as adults, it feels like a curse because of the frightening images or pictures received and/or the distractions caused by those light and feathery and/or dark and mysterious-looking people seen out of the corner of their eye and/or being    bombarded by another person's negative emotions. If you suspect you and/or your child or someone you know has the psychic gift and are having trouble managing it, Miss Dee's book, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift, is the book to read! Or, if you are interested in reading more about the subject of having the psychic gift, please visit the Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) page.

     Zodiacal Gardening,   the only way to grow your veggies!!!

Uranus in Taurus: Push Comes to Shove

     Taurus, the sign of stability, loves to and is good at moving at their own pace, changing things when they want them changed, and staying put if it suits them. In the past 2 years, the unbridled and chaos-causing planet Uranus has come close enough to Taurus to shove them into moving from their home of 30-plus-years, retire before their 40-year-plan kicked in or plunked them into a situation they swore they would not get in. Uranus is a slow moving planet, staying 7 years in one sign. Chin up, Taurus! The worst of the moves and shoves are behind you. The biggest lesson for you now is, "just go with the flow!"    If you are interested in astrology, please visit our Zodiacal Potpourri page.  On the Forecast page you can read what's in store for you this month.

Sun in Gemini: Clarity & Repartee

     Gemini, you will reconnect with your heart's true desire - a meaningful career with workdays abundant with excitement, challenge, and pleasantness. Take the necessary time and energy to tie up loose ends...You might want to read the remainder of your Forecast

Mercury in Taurus: Methodical Thinking

     What a blessing! We are now free from receiving 10 ideas at once with no clue as how to complete them. Instead, ideas or thoughts now come in perfect order with step-by-step instructions. Gardens planted now are successful, plans designed are completed, and projects are finished. Taurus, the good-natured sign, is the planner and the builder of the zodiac.    If you are interested in astrology, please visit our Zodiacal Potpourri page.  On the Forecast page you can read what's in store for you this month.

The Heart's Desire: Fulfilling Your Life's Purpose

     "Imagine a life void of fulfilling personal accomplishments, empty of rewarding personal success. Imagine, if you will, a long, long life absent the achievement of your heart's greatest desires."   Miss Dee.  Additional information to discover your special life purpose on Spiritual & Astrological Readings page.