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When in doubt    mellow out!

     You've probably heard there will be a Total Eclipse on August 21st. It will be an amazing event...I'll share more info as it gets closer!    

     If you are interested in learning more about you and astrology, please visit the Zodiacal Potpourri page. Read what's in store for you this month on the Forecast page.

New Moon, Perennial Planting

    Lilies are beautiful, hardy perennials, and love to stretch their roots out into rich soil. Plant them when the Moon is New or around July 23rd, because their roots love underground light! Add some "Bone Meal" to the hole before you add the Lilies: they need quick access to food after planting!

 The Psychic Gift: Tomorrow's Sages

     ...Being psychic is a gift!  But to many kids as well as adults, it feels like a curse because of the frightening pictures or emotions received and the feelings of being alone and different...    If you are interested in reading more about the subject of having the psychic gift, please visit the Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) page.

The Heart's Desire: Fulfilling Your Purpose

     "Imagine a life void of fulfilling personal accomplishments, empty of rewarding personal success. Imagine, if you will, a long, long life absent the achievement of your heart's greatest desires."   Miss Dee.  Additional reading about your special life purpose, Spiritual & Astrological Readings.