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Soul Treasures

  by Miss Dee

  Sweet Nectar  

     What is the mystery, the intoxicating nectar that continually draws a person into a relationship? What is the hypnotic suggestion that lures a person in, even as he/she goes kicking and screaming, "No, no, no!"

     What is the mesmerizing gift in the Relationship Treasure Box that sparkles and glistens so much that a person is blinded and bedazzled into a state of semi-consciousness?

     The treasure is: the Magic Mirror of Reflection.

     The what?

     The Magic Mirror of Reflection. All relationships are chosen before we each incarnate into this world, chosen to assist each person evolve into a better person.

     By seeing our actions, habits, and/or thoughts, reflected back to us by the mirror of reflection, each of us is given the opportunity to stop the negative behavior, replace it with goodness, and evolve. That is the reason why the mirror was created: to see one's self, then make any needed changes.

     So look again at your spouse, partner, lover or the one who has attracted your attention. Be grateful for and appreciative of his/her good, positive, and loving qualities because you have and express them, too. And what about the not-so-good qualities he/she exhibits? Why do they bother you? Because you have and/or possibly express them, too.


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