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Soul Treasures

  by Miss Dee

  One Purpose

     "To this end I was born, and for this cause (purpose) I came into the world..." Jesus John 18:37

     "Each one of us has also come into this world for one purpose: to accomplish something very special. We have each incarnated into this life in order to fulfill our 'heart's greatest desire.'

     You and God chose your special life purpose or reason for being. It was chosen for your soul's evolution as well as to add joy and direction to your life. Not only does your special life purpose add joy and direction to your life, it also complements you and your unique life theme.

     Your special life purpose is your passion and is that certain unique something that you continually strive to accomplish.

     To withhold from yourself the joy of accomplishing your unique reason for being or to abandon the completion of your very special something is truly an act of disloyalty to yourself." Miss Dee.

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