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Soul Treasures

  by Miss Dee

  Your Special Life Purpose

     "God does not light the fire of desire or give a dream that cannot be realized.  And while your heart's desires, your special life purpose, may not be fascinating or life-saving or important to others, it is your special life purpose.

     And your life purpose is not necessarily your job/career or finding/being with your "soul mate," although it could be.

     And it's not necessarily writing the romance novel of the century or finding the cure for a disease that seems terminal, although it could be.

     Your special life purpose is your passion, your dream or your heart's greatest desire, which could mean your life purpose is to constantly express your creativity.

     Or it could be to be the best parent you can be or to prepare the most nutritious meals possible.

     It could be to have the prettiest flower garden on the block or be a vegetable gardener who donates a large share of your harvest to those in need.

     ...if your soul resonates to sharing knowledge, helping others and forward movement, you might have chosen teaching as a life purpose..."

     ...think about this: teaching math to the next Einstein; sharing the universe's knowledge with the next Mother Teresa; tutoring the next president."

     Your special life purpose will pull you away from this and that in order to get your attention for its fulfillment.

     Honor it and act upon it.  Love it and give it life because your special life purpose is the most important and the most satisfying aspiration you will ever achieve."  Miss Dee.

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