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Psychic Kids                (and adults, too!)     

    Mentoring psychic kids is a passion and also very important to Miss Dee because of her own childhood psychic experiences.  Recognizing her intuitive gift at the tender age of six or seven and often being terrified at what she saw or felt, Miss Dee had no mentor until she was 28 years old.  "Until then," says Miss Dee, "there were times I thought I was going crazy!  I was fearful and didn't know why, I would feel emotions that obviously weren't mine and I didn't understand why I was feeling them, I didn't understand what I was seeing or hearing, and was often depressed."  Knowing the agony, confusion, and fear of being psychic, not knowing what to do with the gift, how to handle it or how to turn it off are some of the reasons why Miss Dee mentors psychic kids (and adults, too!).

     Psychic Kids: Tomorrow's Sages by Miss Dee

     Once upon a time, when I was about six years old, it came to my attention that I was different. Different because I saw people-like figures I did not recognize and that no one else saw.  These people-like figures were frightening to me because they weren't solid, were dark but ethereal looking, and humongous in size.  And, they seemed to be trying very hard to tell me something without moving their lips.  So, from a six or seven-year-old's perspective, I thought these people-like figures were in my life to frighten me into being a good child.

     As time went by, I began to realize that these people-like figures were there to protect and guide me.  How did I know that?  Because I felt as if I was encased in Angel's wings and it often felt as if there was a hand on the middle of my back pushing or directing me where to go.

     With more time passing, I became aware that I suddenly just knew things about some people, things like someone being very ill or another person not being honest.  I did not understand how I knew things or what the pictures meant that I often saw or why I heard the things I did but all of these things made me feel alone and different.

     There were no psychics or intuitive people in my family who could answer my questions or cast away my fears. One day, I was invited to tag along with a friend to a Tea Leaf reader. I didn't realize it then but I believe my friend's mother suspected that I might have the psychic gift but she didn't know how to help me and could no longer watch me suffer. And when you think about it, a psychic, or in this case a Tea Leaf reader, would certainly recognize a gifted child and be able to help.

     This very wise woman told me and my friend's mother that I was extremely psychic and that I would find my way.  It was a very quite ride home that day and when we did get home, I looked up the word psychic in the dictionary. It means to discern.

     As the wise Tea Leaf reader had predicted, I did find my way but I had help from three different mentors. They nurtured my gift and taught me many things. We practiced how to discern or differentiate what will transpire for someone as opposed to what that same person wants, techniques to shield me from someone else's emotions, to appreciate the protector who was still with me, and welcome visits from souls who had passed on.  And, these mentors taught me how to live harmoniously with my gift.

     Being psychic is a gift!  But to many kids as well as adults, it feels like a curse because of the frightening pictures or emotions received and the feelings of being alone and different or the fear that he/she might be going crazy!  Like born musicians and brilliant mathematicians, psychic kids are blessed with a gift they need to learn to manage.  If they don't, their gift will manage them as mine did me for a time.

     Psychic kids are special.  They are tomorrow's sages.  I understand what psychic kids are dealing with and the importance of managing the gift because once upon a time, I was a psychic kid.   

Do you suspect you or your child has the psychic gift?  Do you have a few questions before you place a Consultation order?  Queries are always welcome!  missdee001@centurylink.net

Consultations by phone.  Miss Dee will e-mail you within 48 hours after receiving your payment to schedule your consultation session. The first session will take approximately one hour and Mom and/or Dad or Guardian will need to be on the phone call with your child and Miss Dee.

     During our one-hour session, we will first talk about having the psychic gift just to make sure this is what you and/or child are dealing with. Secondly, I will help you and/or your child begin to manage it with some techniques I have used and have had my students use, all with great success. This session is very helpful: it can help restore self-confidence and impart peace of mind, too!

1 Hour Consultation $65.00

     During our 30-minute session, we will discuss your progress with managing your gift and secondly, I will share additional exercises and tools for being in control of being psychic instead of the other way around. And managing it is empowering! This session helps keep you and/or your child going in the right direction.

30-minute Consultation $35.00

Miss Dee (720) 304-5947

or missdee001@centurylink.net