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   Welcome friends! Welcome to Metaphysicians Gallery; a soul-nourishing and self-empowering retreat, created by Miss Dee;  Metaphysician, Spiritual Mentor, Mentor to Psychic Kids (and adults, too!), published Author, certified Esoteric Astrologer, and certified Esoteric Astrology Instructor. Meet Miss Dee.  And, speaking of teaching or mentoring, need a bit of help getting unstuck in order to move forward on your spiritual journey? Contact Miss Dee for a mentoring session.  Or, suspect you or your child have the psychic gift and need some help managing it? Spend 30 minutes with Miss Dee...visit our Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) page.  Or, need a few ideas for more exercising fun? Visit the Zodiacal Potpourri page.

          Metaphysicians Gallery was created for several reasons:  to introduce you to Miss Dee  to help you nourish, nurture, and support your spirit; aid you in enlightening you; and share the joy of self-empowerment through the pieces written on the Soul Treasures, Zodiacal Potpourri, Psychic Kids (& adults, too!), Lit'l Ditties, and Forecast pages. 

     Miss Dee, "I have several loves in my life, as most people do, but my top three are helping a person uncover his/her special life purpose, mentoring psychic kids as well as adults, and spiritually coaching people, which is simply lovingly peeling away what or who appears to be the problem in order to expose the spiritual lesson being learned.

     My forte is discovering 'the Finger of God' or the Yod aspect in a person's natal or birth chart and then sharing this discovery with a client.  The Yod aspect creates a deep, burning inner desire to do something extraordinarily special or unique this lifetime.  My specialty is to clarify what mission is calling for completion," says Miss Dee, "and 'the Finger of God' or the Yod aspect is the subject of my first book, The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose.    Spiritual & Astrological Readings.  Meet Miss Dee.  

     She continues, "My second love is helping psychic people understand and then manage their psychic gift."  A gifted intuitive herself Miss Dee says, "I recognized my psychic gift at the tender age of six or seven.  Having no psychic mentor until I was 28 years old, I know the agony, confusion, and fear of being psychic, not knowing what to do with what I thought was a curse, and how to manage it instead of it managing me."  Her own childhood psychic experiences are why Miss Dee tutors psychic kids (and adults, too), and why she wrote the book, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift.  Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) 

     Last, but not least, is spiritually counseling or mentoring people.  "Every now and then, a person can get bogged down or stuck on his/her spiritual path,"  says Miss Dee.  "Getting assistance from a Spiritual Mentor is the best thing you can do for yourself because it helps you see what you need to see and/or release and let go of whatever you are holding on to in order for you to get moving forward again."  Miss Dee uses her 35 plus years of counseling experience along with big doses of TLC in her counseling sessions.

     Actively involved in the Metaphysical/Astrological field for 35 plus years, Miss Dee has lectured in the United States, teaches spiritual-based astrology, counsels via spiritual mini-readings and/or astrological chart readings, and has written over 600 articles, and five books.  Her Books are titled, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic GiftThe Best of Miss Dee,  From Fire to Flight,  Health, Astrology, and Spiritualityand  The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose.

     To help you nourish, nurture, and support your spirit, Metaphysicians Gallery and Miss Dee offer the following reading material and services, Soul Treasures, Zodiacal Potpourri, Psychic Kids (& adults, too!), Lit'l Ditties, Forecast,  Spiritual & Astrological Readings, and Books

   Speaking of books, have you  read Miss Dee's newest book? Its title is, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift.  It is an inspiring book that tells the story of what life is like when you are a psychic child! "It can be quite eerie for a young child to see a coming event, not only see it but know the outcome as well. It can be terrifying to see light, feathery and/or dark and mysterious-looking people who you can see through. And it can be physically sickening to pick up or take on another person's negative emotions," says Miss Dee.  If you suspect you and/or your child or someone you know has the psychic gift and are having trouble managing it, we invite you to visit the Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) page and the Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift page.

    Psychic Kids (& adults, too!)  "Knowing the agony, confusion, and fear of being psychic, not knowing what to do with the gift, how to handle it or how to turn it off and on are some of the reasons why I mentor psychic kids (and adults, too!)," says Miss Dee.  If you suspect you, your child or a loved one have the psychic gift, please visit the Psychic Kids (& adults, too!) page and read about Miss Dee's newest book, Me, Myself & Intuition: Managing Your Psychic Gift. 

      Soul Treasures.  "'Soul Treasures,' is designed to assist the reader's spiritual evolution," says Miss Dee.  "It is a powerful column that always encourages, enlightens, and nourishes the spirit.  It reminds the reader of the benefits of positive thinking and action, cautions against the use of careless language, which creates unhealthy or unhappy experiences, and touches on the pitfalls of not dealing with personal issues.  

     'Soul Treasures' is metaphysically based," she continues.  "What is Metaphysics?  It is simply the law of cause and effect:  the effect of your thinking or your belief system on your life.  For example, if you believe you will catch the flu, you will.  God or the universe embellishes your belief because God or the universe is very generous.  From your thoughts or statements, such as, you 'are sick and tired of,' you will co-create illness and fatigue.  And you saying, 'I never have enough,' will co-create lack in your life.  

     Living a metaphysical or spiritual life," says Miss Dee, "is akin to having a sizzling, intense, engulfing, overpowering love affair.  An affair full of tenderness and caring, happy times, relaxation and fulfillment, and an affair so enveloping that you always feel safe and secure, protected and taken care of.  The metaphysical or spiritual life is a sanctified love affair with our Creator, the universe and it's mysteries as well as the possibilities, and a life of honoring the self. 

     Before we incarnated into this world, we chose the life we are now living in order to experience for our soul's evolution, to accomplish goals, and to learn."  Miss Dee continues, "We chose to experience and learn through release, repetition, obstacles, health problems, financial issues, and a variety of relationships.  We also chose to relearn how to create, which necessitates partnering with the universe.  Relearning to create is naturally followed by creating, creating the most wondrous, affluent, love-filled life that we can possibly create.  'Soul Treasures' reminds us that we are here to learn and to do.  It also gives us a jump start if we seem to be stuck on our path."  

     Soul Treasures is an inspiring, thought-provoking, soothe your soul piece that is changed the 1st of each month.  Miss Dee's current article is titled, "Life's Bliss" and "Hot-line."

    Zodiacal Potpourri is a fun, light-hearted, educational, astrological piece that is changed the 1st of each month. This month's article is titled, "Exerfun."     

     Forecast, aka horoscope.  Additional self-empowerment tools can be acquired by reading your monthly forecast. Happy Birthday Cancer...then lovingly release them...Forecast.

      Lit'l Ditties, is just that!  A little something to uplift or inspire or a thought to think about to help you empower you.  

    Readings.  Our Spiritual & Astrological Readings page expands on the benefits of both spiritually-based mini-readings and astrological chart readings.  "The purpose of either reading," says Miss Dee, "is to assist you in taking charge of your life by becoming better acquainted with yourself.  Wisdom imparted in a reading helps you empower you, which helps you reclaim control over your life."  Readings are done over the phone, on Skype, and/or via e-mail.  

    Books.  The Books page introduces you to Miss Dee's books.  They share practical how-to's to help you move forward, stories of victory, wisdom, and are abundant with tools to help you empower you, and "they all feel like a soothing salve to your soul," says Miss Dee.

     And our Hot Off the Press page announces new books by Miss Dee.

     We use PayPal. Questions about your order?  You can rest assured that our staff agrees with and encourages the "good old-fashioned, quality service the way it used to be" philosophy.  They always extend a sunshiny smile with friendly, helpful service and quickly fill your order as if it were their own.  Thank You.

 Hey friend, if you'd like to receive Miss Dee's monthly newsletter, please send your e-mail address and your name to  missdee001@centurylink.net  Please put the word Newsletter in the subject bar.  

     With the warmest of wishes, Miss Dee and the Metaphysicians Gallery staff.                   Additional questions?   missdee001@centurylink.net.



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